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Employees cover all aspects of a water system. From the wells to the house service lines and everything in between. Each segment of the system requires many hours of maintenance to assure it is function properly as required. Every Spring and Fall we do a system wide flushing program.  Every fire hydrant is used to flow water at a rapid rate that allows any organic settlement, or build up on the pipes to be removed. Also while flushing every hydrant is proven to work as required just in case it’s needed for an emergency. If a hydrant is found defective, it is repaired as rapidly as possible. Any work that the system requires is typically done in house. Everyone is trained in the repair of water mains and house services to make sure that they are fixed quickly to restore service and done to not impact the water quality after the repair is made.

Each employee is required to have all the necessary State licenses required and everyone shares in the required on call duties for night time and weekend coverage’s. Someone is on call at all times and the Fire Station has a on call book showing who is on-call at all times. Being on call requires the employee to be able to make decisions to correct any issues that arise at that time. With the addition of our Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition system (SCADA) the over site of the water system is extremely  much easier. We can monitor pumps and tank levels from any computer or smart phone from anywhere at any time.

The District is responsible for the repair of all water lines up to the shut off valve in front of each home, but we are responsible for the water to the final fixture in every home and business.  The DEP has specific requirements we must follow to confirm that there are no illegal cross connections between the District water and other source’s of water, or chemicals.  If anyone has a question if a cross connection is present, contact us and we can check it out.  There are no charges for these types of inspections.  Our capability to work on any part of the water supply stops at the water meter.  Work beyond the meter requires a plumber, but any work that entails a possible cross connection must be approved by the District no matter who installs it. 


Water Rates                                                                           

$69.00/quarter600 cubic foot minimumWater usage based on past and present meter readings using more than the minimum are charged fees based on the rates listed below.

601 cu.ft – 3000 cu.ft $4.80 per 100 cu. ft.3001 - unlimited $5.60 per 100 cu. ft.Meters are read around three weeks prior to the actual billing.  1 cu.ft of water equals 7.48 gallons of water. 600 cu.ft. of water equals a total of 4488 gallons of water.Above information is for a single unit building.  Depending on how many units you have in your building will determine how many minimum charges you have.  If you have 2 units, your minimum charge will be $126.00 per quarter and you will receive 1200 cu.ft. of water per quarter. Other Miscellaneous Fees

Water Turn On$50.00Water Turn Off$0.00Valve Change (¾”)$95.00Final Readings$25.00Fire Flow Tests$150.00Returned Check S/C$30.00  

Fire Sprinkler Charges

Commercial$50.00/quarterResidential$5.00/quarterBackflow Device Tests $50.00  $25.00 per additional test at same locationLabor Rate for District Employees

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